About Traveling Soccer

What We Ask of You

Most importantly we ask that you support the players and teams in as positive a manner as possible and to help make the traveling soccer experience the best it can be for everyone involved.

Participation in the Blaine Soccer Club involves a commitment of time, money and energy. Traveling soccer allows players the opportunity to develop a higher level of play and to compete against players from around the region. As a result, playing traveling soccer involves a greater commitment than participating in our local recreational programs.

All Blaine teams participate in leagues that involve travel to other cities for weeknight games. Teams also participate in a number of weekend tournaments during the season.

League play begins in May and runs through the state tournaments (for those age 11 and up) in August. League home games are played on fields at the City of Blaine Soccer Complex. Away games are often in neighboring cities, but can involve travel of up to an hour or more.

The goal of the Blaine Soccer Club is to make our teams highly competitive and at the same time make this an enjoyable experience for all players, parents and coaches. This means that players need to be available for practices, games and scheduled weekend tournaments.

During the summer season, players usually practice two or three times a week until the start of the season. After the regular season begins, players generally have one practice and two games each week. Weekend tournaments for individual teams are scheduled upon the agreement of the player's parents and their coaches. Every Blaine team participates in one or both of the annual Blaine tournaments (the cost of one tournament fee is included in your registration).In the fall season you may expect one practice per week with one weekend game per week.

Each family is asked to volunteer for a shift of work at a tournament and/or work the concession stand during the summer to help make it a great experience for all teams who participate in Blaine.

Players are expected to attend all practices, games and tournaments unless their coaches have excused them. Missing practices or games to participate in other activities is not considered an excused absence, except for previously scheduled church and school activities (i.e., music, band, and sports) already in progress at the beginning of the traveling soccer season.

Coaches/Team Leaders should be notified at least two weeks in advance of any planned family vacations. This advance warning will give coaches ample time to secure other players from a lower age or division level to serve as substitutes on the team in a players absence.

Notifying the coach of family vacations and absences is particularly important. Notification before league play begins is preferable, as it provides a chance to reschedule league games if necessary.

Players will be encouraged to play at their MYSA age level, however, they may elect to tryout at their current grade level provided that it is higher than the age level defined by the MYSA. In order to provide soccer for as many players as possible, players are sometimes rostered on older-aged teams.

Due to the minimum number of players on each team, it is imperative that each player and his or her parents have the necessary commitment to traveling soccer. Failure to attend practices, games and weekend tournaments places an unfair and unnecessary burden on the players who are attending on a regular basis and to their parents who have made financial and time commitment to your team.

Please remember a commitment to the Blaine Soccer Club summer season begins with tryouts in September and ends in August after the state tournament. Please consider your decision to register for traveling soccer very seriously if you know scheduled vacations or other sports might conflict with the player's commitment to the team

REFUND POLICY: Tryout fees, $20.00 due at the time of tryouts, are non-refundable.The first $100 of the registration fee is also non refundable. The remaining balance of the registration fee is refundable until MYSA registrations are submitted, approximately February 1st. Absolutely no refunds will be issued after April 1st. No refund will be given without a written request from the parents.

Age Group Coordinators and Travel Committee: Volunteers serve a two year position on the travel committee. The committee provides input and feedback to the board on active issues. In addition, committee members act as age group coordinators. Age group coordinators are another point of contact for a group of teams from one age level and gender. Coordinators help connect the parents, managers and coaches to the BSC board and staff. Observation of tryouts and assistance with communication during team formation are other important coordinator roles. Age group coordinators and their contact information are listed below and also listed under Contact Us on the website.

Age Group Coordinators

U9 Girls Shannon Lee brianxshannon@aol.com   U9 Boys Paul Dragich pauldsoccer691@gmail.com
U10 Girls Jane Johnson janeannjohnson@yahoo.com
  U10 Boys Steven Brazones sbrazone@gmail.com
U11 Girls Mike Richmond (co-coordinator)
Rick Fetter (co-coordinator)
  U11 Boys Tina Bross tinabross@hotmail.com
U12 Girls Shawn Robideau srobideau@msn.com   U12 Boys Brian Cohoon briansoccer10@comcast.net
U13 Girls Debbie Baurr dbaurr.bsc@comcast.net   U13 Boys Colleen Johnson bscjohnson@hotmail.com
U14 Girls Kristy Powers kristyjp13@msn.com   U14 Boys Berry Arrowsmith basoccerhc@gmail.com
U15 Girls Kristy Powers kristyjp13@msn.com   U15 Boys Berry Arrowsmith basoccerhc@gmail.com
U16 Girls Neil Marthaler neilmar01@msn.com   U16 Boys Berry Arrowsmith basoccerhc@gmail.com
U17 Girls Neil Marthaler neilmar01@msn.com   U17 Boys Berry Arrowsmith basoccerhc@gmail.com
U18 Girls Neil Marthaler neilmar01@msn.com   U18 Boys Berry Arrowsmith basoccerhc@gmail.com
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