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Competitive Program Overview

The Competitive Program offers year-round player development opportunities for the most enthusiastic, committed and talented soccer players, ages  U9-U19. The goal of the Competitive Program is to develop players to their highest level both on and off the field.

BSC prides itself on offering a level of play for every committed soccer player with a strong emphasize on work rate, desire to learn and personality. As such, every Competitive team, regardless of level, has a professional coach and U9-U15 age groups are lead by a full-time age group coordinator. 

Use the following chart to determine your child's age group for the 2020-21 season.

Age Group Chart

Birth Year 2020-21 Age Group
2012 U9
2011 U10
2010 U11
2009 U12
2008 U13
2007 U14
2006 U15
2005 U16
2004 U17
2003 U18
2002 U19

Year-Round Development Model

BSC is committed to providing exceptional development for its players. In order to achieve this, the club offers year-round training and playing opportunities for any player who is committed to improving. It doesn't matter if you are on a top team or are just starting out; Players of all abilities will have access to high quality development opportunities throughout the year to help them reach their full potential.

Competitive Program Fees

All Competitive Fees are based on the team in which a player is placed. BSC has made an effort to create a soccer program of high value, focusing on a consistent level and frequency of practices, high quality tournaments and club based periodization of soccer events.

Differences in player fees by team are influenced by: Level of play, coach fees, number of winter training events, supplemental programs, and tournaments teams participate in.

Payment Schedule 2020-21

All Fees will be collected through the BSC registration software on the BSC website

Payment plan is available as follows:

  • $300 due at time of registration (commitment fee)
  • Equal payment on September 15th
  • Equal payment on October 15th
  • Equal payment on November 15th
  • Equal payment on December 15th
  • Equal payment on January 15th
  • Equal payment on February 15th
  • Equal payment on March 15th
  • Final payment on April 15th

ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY April 15TH - A $200 late fee will be applied after April 15th for any outstanding balance.





Weather Policy & Info - Blaine Soccer Club Competitive Program


Blaine Soccer Club is a renter of the National Sports Center fields. The National Sports Center, as field owners, determine field status regarding field closures. This includes, standing water on fields, rain accumulation, forecasted storms during activity times, snow accumulation. 


Games will be determined by league officials and referees 


We use AccuWeather to make determinations based off hot/cold temperatures in accordance with US Soccer weather guidelines.


You may access the US Soccer Guidelines via the following links for hot and cold weather:

Heat :

Cold :