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A player development initiative launched in 2017, the BSC Juggling Club is open to all Blaine Soccer Club players, Recreational and Traveling alike, and is for players to showcase their soccer skills and improve their passion for the game. To have your score added to the list you must complete the score in front of a parent, coach, or – even better – video yourself and tag us on Instagram or Facebook! For more information about juggling, scroll to the bottom of the page. So grab your ball and give the BSC Juggling Club your best shot!


Juggling is a soccer skill the act of keeping the ball off the ground using any part of your body (foot, thigh, chest, head, etc.) without using your hands. 

Who Can Juggle?

Anyone! If you haven't juggled before, the easiest way to start is by holding the ball out in front of you and dropping the ball to your foot and kicking it back into your hands. Repeat this and try to get two kicks in before the ball hits the ground. The trick is to keep at it and just try to beat your score by at least one!


The best part about juggling is that you can do it almost anywhere. All it takes is you, and your ball, and a little bit of space. It could be before training at the fields, out in a park, in the backyard, in the garage, in the basement, on a basketball court... the possibilities are endless!  


Ball mastery is a crucial part of soccer -- without the ability to control the ball, it doesn't matter how fast, how strong, or how well you see the game.

Unfortunately, players can find practicing ball mastery on their own to be quite boring. Therefore, we came up with the BSC Juggling Club, a fun way for kids to improve their ball mastery and get prizes for practicing on their own. This is a great way for kids to also build confidence in their soccer abilities. 

How do I get into the juggling club?

There are many ways to get into the BSC Juggling Club!

1. Verify your score. In other words, prove you got the score you did one of the following ways:

  • Parent/Guardian/Friend watches you juggle
  • Coach/Assistant Coach watches you juggle
  • Video yourself juggling

2. Submit your score: 

  • Verifier, send us an email! (
  • Post it to Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #BSCjuggling

3. Collect your prize!

  • Get your bag tag and show it off (distributed to club coaches)!
  • Keep practicing and climbing the Juggle Club ladder!


Bag Tags for Each Level Earned!


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