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North Star 3v3 Concludes

By BSC Staff, 05/03/19, 4:15PM CDT


North Star 3v3 Champions

The end of April marked the conclusion of the second annual season of North Star 3v3. North Star 3v3 is an indoor soccer league that combines the high-speed action of futsal with the creativity of street soccer.

The player-driven league gives players a chance to lead themselves, channel their creativity, and score several goals.

Out of the 64 teams playing, 9 BSC teams were crowned champions.

For the U9 bracket, the Blaine Boys “Barcelona” team and the Blaine Girls “NS 2010” managed to claim the title. In the U10 bracket, the Blaine Boys “PSG” and Blaine Girls “NS 2009” were also winners, along with the BSC 2008 Boys EDT 1 team in the U11 Bracket.

The U12 bracket offered a new set of winners, including the Boys St. Paul Blackhawks and the Girls Lakes United team. In the older age groups, divisions were higher-scoring and more competitive. Ultimately, the Blaine Boys “Jaguars” and the Blaine Girls “Warriors” won the U13 divisions and the Blaine Boys “Vipers” and the BSC 2005 Girls won the U14 divisions.

After an exciting season of playing indoor, the players will leave the courts and hopefully bring with them the leadership and creativity they learned out to the grass for the summer season.