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Tryouts 2019-2020 Season: Late July

By BSC Staff, 06/13/19, 4:45PM CDT


Tryouts 2019-20

2006 Boys and Girls Tryout Make-Up Date will be this Wednesday, July 31st, 4:00-5:15pm. The location is the same as below.

U19 - 2001 Age Level Teams

2001 Girls Soccer - U19 - Please email Berry Arrowsmith if interested to play: 

Try-Out will be Wednesday the 31st then at 7:30pm-9pm (Field TBD) - please email Berry rather than registering 

2001 Boys Soccer - U19 - Please email if interested to play

Try-Out date TBB

Tryout FAQs

Who can tryout for the Competitive Program?
The Competitive Tryouts are open to anybody ages U9-U18, born in the years 2011-2001. 
What do I need to do to be considered for the Competitive Program?
To be considered for the Competitive Program you must register online, pay the tryout fee and attend at least one tryout session. It is strongly encouraged you attend both sessions so the evaluators can see you play as much as possible.
What happens if I cannot attend my tryout sessions?
If you cannot attend tryouts please indicate that when registering online.  For returning players we will go off of your coach’s ranking and comments from the previous year to determine team placement.  If you are a new player to the club and cannot attend tryouts, then we will place you on the lowest level team in that age group. We highly encourage players to attend every/all session(s).
Can I tryout up an age group?
Yes. In the online registration, you must indicate that you want to tryout up an age group and pay the additional tryout fee.  The decision to play up will be completed on an individual basis for each player.  Typically, players playing up must have a very significant impact on the top team in the age group above you to be considered to play up.
What will tryouts consist of?
Every age group will have two tryout sessions. Day 1 of tryouts will consist of small-sided games such as 4v4-7v7. Day 2 players will compete in age-appropriate games such as 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. 
Who are the evaluators?
The evaluators are primarily BSC Staff Coaches as well as that team’s coach for the upcoming year.
What do the evaluators look for?
By playing small-sided games the evaluators are looking for kids who can make an impact in the game. It is based on a four-pillar model which includes technical ability, tactical understanding, physical capability, and character skills.
How are goalkeepers evaluated?
For U9-U12 all players are evaluated as field players.  Starting at U13 players will have the opportunity to be evaluated as a goalkeeper.  At these ages, goalkeepers will spend half the evaluation session going through goalkeeper specific training and will spend the other half of the session playing in goal during small-sided scrimmages. Let the evaluators know if you want to be evaluated as half field player and half goalkeeper.
What is the process after the tryout sessions?
The player placement for each age group will be released on by August 4th.  Once the teams are released you have until August 7th to register for the Competitive Program. If you are a returning player, you will not need to order a new uniform. If you are a new player to the program, you will need to order your new uniform for the 2018-2020 seasons at this time. The uniform cost NOT is covered in your yearly team fee.
How much does the Competitive Program cost per year?
 The exact fee for the program is determined by age group and the level of team. Check out the 2019-20 team plans to see the exact fee for each team.
What is included in the team fee?
Differences in team fees are influenced by level of play, the amount of training opportunities, supplemental programs, and tournament fees. Our main goal for the team fees is to provide exceptional value to our players and their families. It is also our intention to make the team fees all-inclusive instead of continuously tracking down money for each additional event the team participates in. All team fees represent the yearly cost to participate in BSC’s Competitive Program, which runs from August 2019 through July 2020. 
Can I get financial assistance for the Competitive Program?
Yes, BSC is committed to getting each player to play at their correct level. We are constantly working on a robust Financial Aid policy which will help all players to afford soccer. Each committed player will be expected to contribute a percentage of their player fees, but through a combination of Financial Aid, Scholarships and Job Opportunities we hope to be able to ensure all players get to play.
Does BSC’s Competitive Program cost more than other similar soccer programs?
No, the value of our soccer program is great. All fees are included such as: coaching fee, facilities, leagues and tournaments. Our largest expenses are facilities, coaching fees and league/tournament fees. Many programs offer soccer programming that may appear cheaper but will add the fees later to cover coaching, tournaments and winter facilities. BSC chooses to do this in advance to allow families to plan for the coming year and offers a payment plan for all soccer fees.
How many events do Competitive Players participate in for a given year?
For the 2018-19 season EDT teams averaged 150 events per year, which included training, games, tournaments, Pursuit Fitness, and other team events. Travel teams average 100 events per year. The main difference between EDT and Travel teams is the amount of winter training and Pursuit Fitness sessions.

Tryout Check In will be held at the Victory Links Clubhouse. Tryout fields will be NSC 52, 53, 57, 58, 59, 65, and 66. See the map below for reference.