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Blaine Soccer Club Statement

By BSC Staff, 06/04/20, 7:30PM CDT


BSC Members,



To say the last two weeks have been tough would be an understatement, and we apologize for being silent this long. The past several days have been filled with hurt, pain and fear. We are with you and our communities in sharing the immense pain many of you are experiencing by the death of George Floyd, and the tragic reminder of the deep issues that still exist in our society today. Blaine Soccer Club cares deeply about all of our members and communities we serve. We are proud of our diverse group of players, families, and staff who have made BSC the club we are today. We want you to hear from us that there is no place for discrimination or racism in our club, on or off the fields, and we are committed to actively building opportunities for all players at all skill levels. As we look toward the future, we are committed to being a part of the solution and know that as you process not only this event, but the underlying issues in which caused it, we stand beside you.


With hope,


BSC Board of Directors, Staff, and Coaches

Blaine Soccer Club is dedicated to creating lasting change in our communities. Our governing bodies Twin Cities Soccer Leagues and Minnesota Youth Soccer Association have teamed up with The Sanneh Foundation to provide needed goods and services to the Twin Cities communities and beyond. These projects include: anti-racism training, development of mentors and teachers of color, delivery of meals to over 30,000 families, and more. If you would like to help fund these missions, click the link below to donate today! We thank you for standing with us in solidarity.