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Team Plans 2019-2020

The following Team Plans will serve as an overview for the entire year for each team within the Competitive Program. Please note, these plans may change depending on several variables. We will take into account team needs in relation to tournament specifics and practice schedule. 

Why are there differences in costs?
Each team has a plan for the best development suited to their age and ability level. Some older teams will travel to more tournaments and showcase events which are generally more expensive. Coach ability and experience has an influence on coach fees. Roster sizes are different. U11 and U12 teams only have a maximum of 14 players per roster. U13 and older have 18 players per roster to spread out the costs. Referee costs in 2019/20 are going up to tackle a shortage in overall referees. Also in 2019/20 facility costs will increase as the new dome on the NSC campus is introduced.

Can I get financial assistance?
We are currently working on a robust Financial Aid policy which will help all players to afford soccer. Each committed player will be expected to contribute a percentage of their player fees, but through a combination of Financial Aid, Scholarships and Job Opportunities we hope to be able to ensure all players get to play.

Have fees gone up?
Yes, fees have gone up as the majority of our costs go towards facilities and improving and investing in our coaches -- both of which we 've continued to invest in. The NSC is building an indoor sports dome and will be available this winter. All of these investments are part of our goal to provide every child with a complete and holistic year-round soccer experience. 

What is included in the uniform package?
2 x Adidas Game Jerseys, 2 x Adidas Game Shorts, 2 x Adidas Game Socks, 1 x Adidas Quarter-Zip Jacket, 3 x Practice Shirts ( For EDT players at U11 and older an Adidas Warm-up Jacket and Pant are included also). If you are a returning Blaine Soccer Club member and purchased uniforms last year, you do not need to purchase this year.

Does BSC  cost more than other soccer programs?
No, the value of our soccer program is great. We include all fees including coach, facilities, leagues, and tournaments. Our largest expenses are facilities, coaching fees, and league/tournament fees. Many programs offer soccer programming that may appear cheaper but will add the fees later to cover coaching, tournaments and winter facilities. BSC chooses to do this in advance to allow families to plan for the coming year and offers a 9-month payment plan for all soccer fees. Please see the table below to compare us to other clubs.

How many events per year is this?
In 2018/19 our teams averaged over 150 team events per year.  BSC events cost just over $5 per hour. This includes professional coaching, facilities, referees, equipment.

Are the Team Plans final?
No, coaches can change as can levels of play and numbers of teams. All the below information is correct as of now but can be updated on an ongoing basis.

Do I need to get a new uniform?
If your player is returning for our Competitive Program, you will NOT need to get a new uniform. If your player is new to our program, you will have to purchase a uniform separately.   

Please note that we have removed our price comparison table as we reassess and update the information.

It has been brought to our attention that some information was posted incorrectly on our website concerning the price of some of our neighboring soccer clubs. We want to provide the most accurate comparisons for two reasons: (1) to benchmark against a variety of clubs for our continuing improvements and, (2) so that our members can make the best decisions about which club they would like to be a part of.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.